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Verification of Wonlex products subject
to warranty service from

How to make sure, that your watch is not fake and really from
Enter the ID or IMEI number from the back cover of your watch
in the line below and click "CHECK". Get the answer!
* the system works correctly only with watches, purchased after January 1st, 2017 CHECK
Dear friends!
On this page you will be able to verify authenticity
of your products.

Why is it important to buy the original smart baby watches from

Counterfeits are not safety for life
of your child and can`t work correctly!

They may not work in your country
the firmware can work just with Chinese servers
that might not let watch synchronized
in your country correcly
as a result switching-off of all functions
Radiation and explosions
Non-certified watches
have radiation in 2-3 times above
this is very dangerous for a children life!
Be careful, documented events of exploding batteries in counterfeit products.
Fragility and breakage
poor quality of materials
laxity of the parts in the body of watches
in the fact counterfeit watches
will broken in the first few days of using
Dim screen and wheezing sound
of fake watches, make it impossible
to use in the sunny day or in the dark room,
not good quality speaker make difficult to disassemble the words,
into the microphone you will need to shout.
Be carefully, when you buy new Smart Baby Watch
and please make sure, that they are original
on this official WONLEX.RU web resource.
To avoid misunderstandings, work only with the official representatives
on in your country!
Check the reliability of the supplier!
Only, official distributor's, who work directly with our factory, can sell you original products!

You are risking your child's life, when use FAKE watches. In the best variant, fake watches will quickly breaks, not harm your loved ones.